Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Esthetic Objects

Catherine and I took two coat hangers and we started to unbend them. We straighten one coat hanger out almost completely. For the second one we tried to bend it into a spiral shape. We put the two shapes together and tried to put a nylon over it. Putting the nylon over the two coat hanger shapes was hard. We were worried that the nylons would break while we were trying to keep them together.  So we glue gunned the two coat hangers together to keep them in place and not ruin the nylon in any kind of way. We also cut small rectangular metal sheets and bend them at the ends of our object. We did this to keep the nylon on the object and as a decorative touch.

Next Catherine had a creative idea to shape another coat hanger into a star for the next object. We managed to straighten out the coat hanger and bend the coat hanger wire into five places. We glue gunned the two tips together and were able to put the nylon over it. We used small rectangular metal sheets again in order to get the exact look of a star with the nylon over it. Finally we took a piece of string and attached our two esthetic objects together.

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